General Synod Voting System

Movers Powys, D.

That Synod:
1 receives the report of the working group appointed by Standing Committee in light of Resolution 125/07 – ‘General Synod Voting Systems’;

2 welcomes the recommendations made by the working group; and

3 requests Standing Committee at the earliest opportunity to ensure that:

a) details of elections to be conducted at General Synod, of the positions to be filled, and of eligibility criteria, are sent as part of preliminary papers for members to enable early and careful consideration of nominations of suitable persons from across the Australian church;
b) amendments to the relevant Rules are prepared to specify that a system such as the Quota-preferential Proportional Representation System is to be used in General Synod multi-position elections and that provision is made for countbacks to fill casual vacancies where possible, the amended Rules to be brought for adoption to the 16th General Synod; and
c) the feasibility of computerising the vote-counting process is investigated.

The Reverend Dr David Powys moved, Ms Ruth Robinson seconding, 22 Sept 10

Resolution year: 2010
Resolution number: 122/10