Group Discussion of Resolutions

Movers Aspinall, P.

That in relation to the consideration of motions (not being motions relating to legislation) declared by the Synod to require group discussion –

(i) When the motion has been moved and spoken to by the mover and seconded, one member representing points of view different from those of the mover shall be invited by the President to speak.
(ii) The President shall ask if any member or members wish to ask the mover or other previous speaker any question or questions to assist members to elucidate the purpose and intended effect of the motion, and any member may then ask any such questions which may thereupon be answered by the mover or other previous speaker.
(iii) Further questions may be asked and answered until the President announces that the time for questions has finished.
(iv) The Synod shall resolve itself into discussion groups until the President announces that the debate shall proceed.
(v) Standing Order 34(a) shall be suspended to the extent that the speaker representing different points of view may speak for up to fifteen minutes.

That the Synod declare the motions dealing with the following to require group discussion –
(1) Human Sexuality
(2) Constitution Review
(3) Refugees

Bishop P. J. Aspinall moved, The Hon Mr Justice P Young seconding,
Carried 21/07/01

Resolution year: 2001
Resolution number: 62/01