Movers Elu, R.

That General Synod recognises and acknowledges the deplorable state of Indigenous health in this country and notes that many of the horrific statistics concerning health issues have dire consequences for the Indigenous community.

Indigenous people have been removed from their lands, disconnected from their culture, their language destroyed and their families and family relationships fragmented by continuing government policies. This alienation from their lands results in family break-down, drug, alcohol and other substance abuse and mental illness.

General Synod affirms the person as sacred and unique and, recognising that spiritual devastation is a major cause of Indigenous health problems, urges dioceses and parishes to:
Advocate and agitate for a holistic approach to health
Actively support Indigenous communities re-gaining their spiritual connections to the land
Affirm the contribution that the creative engagement of Aboriginal Christians with their traditional spirituality makes to the healing process
Support programs that address the Indigenous spiritual self.
General Synod calls on the Federal Government to continue, increase and enhance Indigenous health programs that recognise the spiritual and cultural aspects of both the causation and remedy to Indigenous ill-health.

Ms R Elu moved, Mrs V Sahanna seconding,
Carried 25/07/01

Resolution year: 2001
Resolution number: 02/01