Holy Persons

Movers Grant, J.A.

That this General Synod:

(i) endorses the principles, criteria and process for including holy persons in the calendars of the churches for
remembrance, adopted by the Anglican Consultative Council at its meeting in 1993, namely:

(a) those to be commemorated should have:

borne witness with great generosity to Christ and the Gospel
exhibited in an exemplary way the fruit of the Spirit
participated actively in the life of the Christian community and contributed to its sense of mission and to its life and growth
been commemorated spontaneously by those who knew them.

(b) the task of authority is to make sure that the criteria for these observances is holiness and witness
to the Gospel. Calendars should not be developed to meet pedagogical, regional or sectionalist

(c) a lean calendar may have more meaning and greater impact than a full calendar. A process for
trimming calendars may be as important as a process for developing them.

(ii) encourages the dioceses and provinces of this Church to compile lists on the basis of the ACC criteria of
those who might properly be commemorated locally and to suggest names for inclusion in a future national list.

(iii) requests the Primate to appoint an advisory panel to work with the Liturgical Commission in reviewing
these suggestions and in preparing and publishing accurate biographical material on those to be commemorated.

[Bishop J.A. Grant – 17-2-98]

Resolution year: 1998
Resolution number: 34/98