"In Living Use"

Movers Cole, V.R.

That General Synod welcomes the Liturgical Commission’s production of In Living Use as a way of keeping key services from the Book of Common Prayer in use.

In order to more clearly reflect the Book of Common Prayer Synod directs the Liturgical Commission to ensure that in all editions and printings of In Living Use the following two changes be made:-

(i) that in the Communion Confession the line from the Book of Common Prayer – “provoking most justly
your wrath and indignation against us”, or some suitable modification of it referring to God’s rightful indignation, be reinstated (Page 50); and

(ii) that the hymn “O Lamb of God ….” be removed from the text of the service (Page 55) and that no
reference to it be included at any place in the service or notes appended to it.

[The Reverend V.R. Cole – 7-7-95]

Resolution year: 1995
Resolution number: 58/95