Israel and Palestinians

Movers Minchin, J.B.

That this Synod, saddened by the present suffering in the West Bank and Gaza Strip:

i) affirms the importance of the Church in the exercise of its prophetic role by standing on the side of the
oppressed in their struggle for justice, and by promoting justice, peace and reconciliation for all peoples in the region;

ii) affirms the existence of the state of Israel and its right to recognised and secure borde4rs, as well as the civic
and human rights of all those who live within its borders;

iii) affirms the right of the Palestinians to self-determination, including choice of their own representatives and
the establishment of their own state;

iv) supports both direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians and the convening of an international
conference over Palestine/Israel under the auspices of the UN and based on all the UN resolutions in relation to this conflict, to which all parties of the conflict be invited;

v) commits itself to continued prayer for Israelis and Palestinians, for Muslim, Jew and Christian, for the
achievement of justice, peace and reconciliation for all.

(The Reverend J.B. Minchin, 21-8-89)

Resolution year: 1989
Resolution number: 12/89