Joint Commitment and Affirmation of Faith and Justice

Movers Leftwich, J.

(as agreed by General Synod Standing Committee Resolution SC2006/2/028 & revised 2 July 2007 by teleconference)
AS members of the Anglican Church of Australia we are called to become a people of the new covenant of Jesus the Christ and to bear witness to justice and righteousness upon this land. We come together, Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, to strive for what our ancestors were not able to do.
TOGETHER we acknowledge with gratitude the apology given by our then Primate, Archbishop John Grindrod in 1988 for the hurt done to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples (Appendix I) and the apology of the General Synod in 1998 for the Stolen Generations (Appendix 2). We acknowledge also the ceremonies, Church services and reconciliation projects done at parish level throughout the Country. Today we are able, by the grace of God to look back on these actions as steps on the road of a reconciling life together in the Church of God. We look to a future of walking together towards the image of Christ which points to shared faith and justice among us.
TOGETHER we commit ourselves to living out the new covenant written upon our hearts in our common faith and sharing in Word and Sacrament. In hope and prayer we look to fulfil our responsibilities to each other to share our cultures in the study and living of The Word and Sacrament, to share in our Church tradition, and to be a community of justice and righteousness.
WE, the people of the land and seas, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, as guardians and custodians of the land and islands of Australia, seek a new day when our peoples can practise and share our culture and wisdom as partners with all who call Australia their home.
WE, the non-Indigenous peoples of Australia recognise the people of the land and the seas, the Aboriginal and the Torres Strait Islander peoples to be the original inhabitants, the indigenous peoples of this land.
WE, together through this shared commitment continue to seek to heal the wounds, hurts and sufferings of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia.
WE shall share with each other visions, hopes, needs and wants in constructive ways that will bring us closer together as peoples of this Church so we may better support each other.
AS peoples of Christ’s we are bound into a relationship that seeks to be the foundation of mutual trust, respect, and the sharing of power and resources to create a just and righteous Church and nation of Australia. Through this commitment our own homes, communities, parishes, dioceses and national organisations are to be sanctuaries where we will strive to live out to the fullest the tenets of this our shared faith.
We are committed to celebrating together important Church festivals and cultural celebrations and commemorations in the life of our land and seas. This gives us the opportunity to share deeply our different ways of celebrating our faith through cultures as peoples and communities of prayer. WE are committed to assisting, encouraging and resourcing ministry to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
WE pledge to consult and work with each other as equal partners in the development of our Church and land, in our communities, parishes, dioceses and nationally and internationally.
We shall establish means through which we can give witness and testimony accounting for the learnings, struggles, challenges and successes of our journey.
AND we invite all who call Australia their home to join with us as we continue the process of healing our peoples and this land and seas.

Resolution year: 2007
Resolution number: 48/07