Joint Pastoral Letter

Movers Bleby, D.J.

That this Synod requests the members of the House of Bishops to meet to consider the issue of a joint pastoral letter or statement to this Church for its future guidance:-

(1) as to the circumstances under which a diocesan bishop should or should not exercise such authority as he
may have within the constitutional framework of this Church where the legislative process within the Church has refused to grant such authority; and

(2) explaining where we as a Church now are and what are the desirable courses now to follow for appropriate
pastoral action within the Church in the exercise of such authority, in our Church’s commitment to its mission to all men and women in Australian society, and in the preservation of the unity of this Church

with particular reference to the ordination of women to the priesthood and in respect of those women who are now or will be ordained to the diaconate and who may be ordained to the priesthood in this Church.

(Mr D.J. Bleby, 26.8.87)

Resolution year: 1987
Resolution number: 29/87