Justice and peace (Continued)

Movers Bishop of Willochra

i) to seek an assurance from all nations that they will not be the first to use nuclear weapons in any conflict;
ii) to continue to use its influence among the nations of the world and in particular in the ANZUS Alliance to ensure that nuclear and other weapons of mass and indiscriminate destruction are not used;
iii) to continue to support the initiatives of the U.N. For peace and disarmament, for an increase of mutual trust among the nations of the world, and for the movement away from spending on arms to spending on development education, and health;
iv) to continue to oppose the testing of nuclear weapons, to support efforts to prevent the further spread of nuclear weapons among the nations, to reduce the stockpiles of nuclear weapons and to work for a comprehensive test ban treaty;
v) To continue to support the plan for a South Pacific Treaty by which the nations of the South Pacific region agree to oppose the testing of nuclear weapons in the Pacific, to forbid the dumping of nuclear wastes in the Pacific, and to have no nuclear weapons or stockpiles on their territories;
vi) to encourage consideration by the Australian people of non-violent civil defence strategies as an alternative model for Australia’s defence.

This General Synod calls on Anglican Church members, parishes and dioceses.

i) to pray for peace and for the leaders of the nations;
ii) to work for a deeper understanding of peace and wholeness in their own lives and communities;
iii) to draw on the power and forgiveness of God to follow the example and calling of Jesus to be peace-makers;
iv) to work in the power of hope which Christ gives us for reconciliation and co-operation in order to reduce conflict
and violence and to take our part as Christians in society to promote justice and peace;
v) to encourage the work already in progress in this area in the dioceses of this Church;
vi) to play a major role in our Australian community in observing 1986 as the International Year of Peace.

(Bishop of Willochra, 31.8.85)

Resolution year: 1985
Resolution number: 68/85