Lay Presidency - 1

Movers Herft, R.

That this General Synod
1. requests Diocesan Councils/Standing Committees to consider the theological, doctrinal & ecclesial implications of the presentations in the conference of lay & diaconal administration or presidency of the eucharist.
2. Notes that discussions on this matter have occurred throughout the Anglican Communion and in particular in the synod of the Diocese of Sydney which has affirmed the practice.
3. Requests the Standing Committee of General Synod to consider the implications of a diocese of this church professing to authorise and implement lay and diaconal administration/presidency, with particular reference to relationships within the Anglican Communion and in an Ecumenical context.
4. Notes the opinion of the Appellate Tribunal of this Church “that although Lay Presidency is consistent with the Constitution it requires a Canon of the General Synod to implement it, and urges any Diocesan Synod considering legislation on this matter to consider this opinion, the theological and legal issues and the implication for the unity of this Church, the Anglican Communion and our ecumenical partners.
5. Does not condone the practice of lay and diaconal administration/presidency at the eucharist in this Church.

Roger Herft – 8 Oct 04

Resolution year: 2004
Resolution number: 74/04