Liturgy Commission and Broughton Publications

Movers McKenzie, J.

That this Synod:
a) expresses its appreciation to the Liturgy Commission and Broughton Publications for the publication of the APBA-based Lectionary book in 2005, 2006 and 2007, of Daily Services (in response to a request from the Defence Forces Board), and of Ministry with the Sick & Dying;

b) congratulates Broughton Publications upon its inaugural publication not related to APBA, Prayer and Plays for Christmas and Holy Week, by the Revd Dr Elizabeth Smith, member of the Liturgy Commission; and

c) notes with appreciation that LabOra Worship (known as e-pray to Australian Anglicans) has been taken up by the Roman Catholic and Uniting Church in Australia, by the Anglican Church of Aotearoa / New Zealand, and by the Australian Hymn Book Company, congratulates Broughton Publishing on its being the catalyst for this, and encourages the development of ecumenical training events.

Mr John McKenzie moved, Mr Brian Norris seconding, 25 Oct 07

Resolution year: 2007
Resolution number: 98/07