Liturgy Resources

Movers Weatherill, G

Bishop Garry Weatherill moving, the Rev’d Elizabeth Smith seconding

The General Synod, noting the changing contexts of mission for the Anglican Church of Australia, requests the Liturgy Commission to continue to develop texts in areas including –

a. Supplementary seasonal, thematic and other material for use with APBA Holy Communion orders;

b. Supplementary services of the Word;

c. Supplementary orders for baptism, confirmation, marriage, funerals, commissionings and other pastoral occasions;

d. Supplementary prayers for various occasions;

e. A new liturgical psalter;

f. Additional prayers and liturgical resources drawing, upon consultation, more extensive Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander prayers, motifs and other media to reflect the indigenous culture of our nation’s First Peoples.

7 September 2017

Resolution year: 2017
Resolution number: 52/17