Movers Smith, E.

1 That the Report of the Liturgy Commission be received;
2 That this Synod endorses the ‘Guidelines for Worship at General Synod’ produced by the Liturgy Commission;
3 That this Synod notes with concern the limitations placed upon the work of the Liturgy Commission by the budgetary constraints of 2008- 2010;
4 That this Synod welcomes the resources issued by the Liturgy Commission in 2007-2010, and commends them to the Anglican Church of Australia for use and response:
– adapted Holy Baptism services;
– An Order for the Holy Communion (2009);
– services where children are present;
– supplementary seasonal material;
– rites related to marriage; and
– further materials related to the Fifth Mark of Mission (environmental issues);
5 That this Synod express its appreciation to the Liturgy Commission and Broughton Publications for the publication of the APBA based Lectionary book in 2008, 2009 and 2010, including a more educationally-focused Introduction.
6 That this Synod supports the ongoing electronic provision of liturgical planning tools and resources by the Liturgy Commission that would allow people with minimum training to access its resources.
7 That the following descriptions used in the Lectionary be corrected to read:
(January 2) – Eliza Hassall, pioneer of CMS (Australia) and missionary training (d.1917). Collect of a Teacher. (August 14) – Twentieth century martyrs, including Maximilien Kolbe, friar (d.1941); Maria Skobtsova (d.1945); Grand Duchess Elizabeth of Russia (d.1918), Martin Luther King, worker for civil liberties (d.1968). The Rev Dr Elizabeth Smith moved, Bishop Godfrey Fryar seconding,

22 Sept 10

Resolution year: 2010
Resolution number: 114/10