Mass Media

Movers Munro, J.A.

That this General Synod, believing that the Church must take more seriously its obligations in the mass media, of press, radio and television, respectfully requests the Primate, in consultation with the Standing Committee to appoint a committee, with the following purposes;

(a) to recommend guidelines for relationships between the Church and the news media for use by dioceses;

(b) in consultation with the appropriate authorities of other Churches to review the present situation with
regard to the Churches’ use of the facilities of commercial radio and television; and

(d) to report to the Primate and the Standing Committee on ways and means of achieving a greater degree
of co-operation and the common use of resources, both within this Church and between this Church and other Churches, so as to produce radio and television programmes of the highest quality.

(The Reverend Dr. J.A. Munro, 23.9.69)

Resolution year: 1969
Resolution number: 33/69