Mission and Resources

Movers Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn

That General Synod, wanting to continue and accelerate growth towards an Anglican Church of Australia with commonly defined goals in mission, and with resources shared in carrying out that mission, resolves

(a) to accept as a principle as wide a geographical representation as possible on all General Synod agencies;

(b) to ask the Standing Committee

(i) to confer with the Missionary and Ecumenical Council and such other of its agencies as necessary to
consider as to how best to establish together the tasks of mission in Australia and overseas as parts of one whole;

(ii) to discover by statistical collection and analysis the varied pastoral and financial needs of the Church
in the whole of Australia, and to draw these to the attention of all dioceses, asking them to share generously to the National Home Mission Fund as one effective means of furthering the Christian mission within Australia; and

(iii) specifically, to review the tasks of mission in its reports to successive General Synods, listing such
priorities as it thinks appropriate.

[The Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn, 24.8.81]

Resolution year: 1981
Resolution number: 19/81