Models for Rural Ministry

Movers Kyngdon, G.

That this General Synod gives thanks for the continuing impact of the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the life of Australians in both urban and rural settings.

In the light of the real pressures on many smaller Dioceses and Parishes mainly in rural Australia, the need for sound management of all areas of ministry is seen as a priority if Anglican ministry in some areas is to be maintained well into this century.

Priority areas include:
Models for ministry such as seen in Armidale Diocese in NSW;
Principles embodying best practice;
Visions, goals and strategic planning;
Leadership and training, including the clergy and laity;
Ecumenical cooperation.

Within the broad Anglican Church there are abundant skills available and General Synod requests the Secretary to formally identify where the skills are located and to encourage Bishops and Diocesan leadership teams to consider calling upon those contacts that may be able to assist in developing ministry within their Diocese.

Mr G Kyngdon moved, Mr A Greenwood seconding,
Carried 27/07/01

Resolution year: 2001
Resolution number: 31/01