Multicultural Committee

Movers Williams, R.

Bishop R. Williams moved , Bishop R.G. Smith seconding,

(1) That General Synod adopt the Policy and Principles concerning the Anglican Church’s mission and ministry in Australia’s multicultural society, as outlined in the appendix to the Multicultural Committee Report, and commends them for adoption by each diocese.

(2) That on the basis of:

(a) the comparative statistical information to be made available by the General Synod Office from the 1996 National Census and the 1996 National Church Life Survey, and

(b) the practical suggestions for action at parish level contained in the General Synod document Disciples of all Nations, and other resource material,

each diocese develop appropriate responses in mission and evangelism.

(3) That General Synod in making appointments to Committees, Networks and Task Groups which have a mission focus, ensure that people from Non – English – Speaking- Backgrounds are represented, and commends this policy for appropriate implementation by each diocese.

[Bishop R. Williams – 20-2-98]

Resolution year: 1998
Resolution number: 71/98