National Board of Industrial Mission

Movers Archbishop of Melbourne

That this General Synod of the Church of England in Australia

(a) commends the work of Industrial Mission to the Church of England in Australia;
(b) appoints henceforth the committee of the National Board of Industrial Mission, such committee being
President – The Primate (ex officio)
Chairman – The Archbishop of Melbourne
Secretary – The Reverend L.E. Styles
The Archbishop of Brisbane
The Archbishop of Sydney
The Bishop of Newcastle
The Bishop of Adelaide
The Bishop of North Queensland
The Bishop of Gippsland
The Bishop of Rockhampton

with power to appoint any other bishop whose diocese becomes involved in industrial mission, such bishops being able to appoint their own representative.

(The Archbishop of Melbourne, 29.9.66)

Resolution year: 1966
Resolution number: 26/66