National Council of Promotion

Movers Sambell, G.T.

That the National Council of Promotion established by resolution of General Synod in 1955 continue its present task of bringing together for consultation diocesan workers in the field of Promotion.

That the council be asked to enquire into trends in Promotion in all dioceses and to explore relationships between the Departments of Promotion, Communication and Education at both diocesan and national levels and to seek to explicate the theological basis of Promotion and report to the next session of synod.

That in the light of this research, should it seem desirable to the council, it be authorised to explore ways and means of setting up a department to service all dioceses and to begin such work as opportunity offers subject to the consent of the Standing Committee. That the council consist of:-

The Bishop of North Queensland
The Bishop of Bathurst
The Bishop of Ballarat
The Rt Reverend R.C. Kerle (Convener)
The Rt Reverend G.T. Sambell
The Venerable F.W. Guest
The Reverend R.S. Walker
The Reverend D. Shearman
The Reverend A.W. Batley
Mr T.G. Littleton
Mr J. Kearney
The Direct of the G.,B,.R.E.
The Chairman of the A.B.M.
The Federal Secretary of the C.M.S.

with power to co-opt five additional members.

(The Rt Reverend G.T. Sambell, 16/5/62)

Resolution year: 1962
Resolution number: 31/62