National Home Mission Fund

Movers Archbishop of Perth

That General Synod, having received the report of the National Home Mission Fund, requests this body to continue its work in terms of resolution 15/1969 as follows:

“(a) a national fund would be established to be administered by a committee comprising representatives of the
Bush Church Aid Society, the Missionary and Ecumenical Council, the Australian Board of Missions, the National Brotherhoods Council, and other relevant bodies. This Committee should have its own Chairman and Secretary, the Secretary to be the Federal Secretary of the Bush Church Aid Society;

(b) the fund committee would be authorised to appeal to the whole Church through its sponsoring agent;

(c) the fund committee would determine priorities in meeting the requests of the Diocesan Bishops for funds for
the extension and/or maintenance of the Church’s Mission;

(d) that this Synod requests a separate and detailed report of the progress of the fund at the next meeting of
General Synod.”

and to report to the next session of General Synod.

(The Archbishop of Peth, 29.8.77)

Resolution year: 1977
Resolution number: 17/77