National Home Mission Fund

Movers Bishop of Carpentaria

That this Synod, remembering that National Home Mission Fund was established by Resolution No. 15 of this Synod in 1969,

(a) gives thanks for the support of many dioceses, parishes, and individuals in the first 20 years of outreach
through the National Home Mission Fund in the promotion of the mission of the Church throughout Australia,

(b) gives thanks for the honorary administration of the National Home Mission Fund;

(c) calls upon all Diocesan Councils to adopt the principles of stewardship of their own resources by giving to the
wider mission of the Church through the National Home Mission Fund; and

(d) calls upon all parishes and individuals to support the National Home Mission Fund.

(The Bishop of Carpentaria, 25-8-89)

Resolution year: 1989
Resolution number: 60/89