Natural Resources

Movers Mitchell, D.

That this General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia:
1. Recognising the urgent need for effective and affirmative action to halt both the incipient and gross degradation of the country’s natural resources, and to replace non-sustainable practices with environmentally sensitive, ecologically sustainable methods of management;
2. recognising, also, the benefit to the whole nation of economically viable rural communities; and
3. Affirming that the ultimate responsibility for local environmental management lies with land holders, while the benefits of proper management and the potential harm of improper management are shared by the community as a whole;
strongly urges support for the establishment of an environmental levy, as a part of income tax assessments to establish a National Environmental Fund to provide resources for landholders and other citizens to exercise stewardship of the landscapes for which they are responsible.

Mr David Mitchell moved, Bishop D Farrer seconding
Carried 26/07/01

Resolution year: 2001
Resolution number: 05/01