Nippon Sei Ko Kai Statement

Movers George, I.G.C.

That this General Synod receives with gratitude the Statement of War Responsibility made by the Nippon Sei Ko Kai General Synod in 1996. The response of our Primate in expression of goodwill to our sister church in Japan is affirmed.

This General Synod acknowledges the graciousness of the NSKK in making this Statement in response to expressions of concern in many parts of Asia. The confession of our sister church that there was a failure to exercise a prophetic ministry in a period of imperialistic aggression is noted; and the General Synod is touched by the concern expressed for all those who suffered and were oppressed during the Asia-Pacific War 1937-1945. The willingness of the NSKK to encourage a reassessment of the history of that war in the light of the Gospel is welcomed and appreciated.

The General Synod of The Anglican Church of Australia offers prayerful encouragement to our sisters and brothers of the NSKK as we all strive as the people of God to be vessels of peace, and to listen to the voices of the divisions, pains, cries and sufferings of the world. We ask that these sentiments be conveyed to the Primate and General Synod of our sister church.

[Archbishop I.G.C. George – 17-2-98]

Resolution year: 1998
Resolution number: 35/98