Ordination of Women: Differences of Conviction

Movers Bishop of Bathurst

That General Synod, recognising that some dioceses will ordain women priests and some will not ordain women priests:

(a) affirms the Anglican spirit of unity in diversity
(b) calls upon the Church generally to respect differences of conscience and conviction at all levels of its life
(c) and particularly calls upon its Bishops and Diocesan Synods to care pastorally to those whose views differ
from the diocesan policy on the matter and to ensure in all possible ways that no member of this Church is subject to discrimination because of the particular views about the ordination of women
(d) this Synod affirms its conviction that no discrimination should be made against laity or clergy
conscientiously believing that the ordination of women as priests or their consecration as bishops is or is not contrary to or inconsistent with Holy Scri8pture or apostolic order as touching either ordination or licensing or appointment to ecclesiastical office
(e) urges each Diocesan Bishop to prepare an appropriate set of general statements, to be included in diocesan
manuals and other relevant documents.

(The Bishop of Bathurst – 10-7-92)

Resolution year: 1992
Resolution number: 66/92