Overseas Aid

Movers Archbishop of Melbourne

That this Synod:

i) regrets the substantial cuts in the overseas aid budget in the 1986/87 budget and the May 1987 Economic
Statement, and notes the indications of further substantial cuts in the 1987/88 aid budget;

ii) believes that, in spite of the very read economic difficulties we face, Australia is still a wealthy national that
can afford to respond generously and compassionately to the plight of the world’s poor;

iii) calls on the Government to exempt from its public expenditure cuts its foreign aid commitment and to honour
its 1982 commitment and to adopt a timetable for increases in overseas aid with a view to achieving the accepted UN target of 0.7% of GNP;

iv) urges the Government to give greater priority in its aid programme to targeting aid to assist the poorest
people and nations;

v) recommends to all members of the Anglican Church of Australia to contact their local Federal member,
recognising the additional revenue raising, or expenditure reduction this course of action will entail, and to ask:
a) for the aid cuts to be restored,
b) that the overall aid commitment in the 1987/88 budget be increased, and
c) that a timetable be set and followed to reach the agreed aid target of 0.7% of GNP;

vi) encourages all Anglicans to make a generous and regular personal commitment to overseas aid through an
agency of their choice.

(The Archbishop of Melbourne, 25.8.87)

Resolution year: 1987
Resolution number: 23/87