Paperless Synod

Movers Ould, D.

That this Synod
i) notes the Protection of the Environment Canon 2007 calls upon dioceses to “give leadership to the Church and its people in the way in which they care for the environment”;
ii) acknowledges its own responsibility to give leadership in this matter;
iii) asks the Standing Committee to explore the possibility of making the 16th Session a “paperless Synod”, including
a) encouraging members to opt out of receiving printed material where they wish and where those documents are available in electronic form,
b) securing a venue for Synod where those members who wish to operate paperlessly are supported in doing so by the provision of;
i) sufficient power supply for members’ electronic devices,
ii) a wireless network to allow timely transfer of information and enhanced communication amongst members of Synod,
iii) education for Synod members of the benefits of, and steps to be taken to be part of, a paperless Synod.

The Revd David Ould moved, The Revd Dr Andrew McGowan seconding, 23 Sept 10

Resolution year: 2010
Resolution number: 133/10