Poverty and Disadvantage in Australian Society

Movers Archbishop of Perth

This Synod expresses deep concern at the continuance of poverty and disadvantage in Australian society and believes that special efforts must be made by Governments to achieve lasting improvements and the equalisation of conditions by favouring the weakest members of society who have been left behind and are unable to share conditions of affluence and technological advancement.

It believes that poverty is directly related to prevailing social and economic inequality and the unequal distribution of national resources.

It calls upon the Commonwealth Commission of Enquiry into Poverty to investigate these broader issues and ramifications in its work and to include full discussion of them in its reports.

It further believes that the unequal distribution of resources is a global as well as a national concern and further recognises that the affluent societies of which our own is one, have obligations that go beyond national boundaries in the use of their own resources of wealth and skills.

Finally, it calls upon Christians generally to work for a society where there is a greater commitment to the principles of human solidarity and equality.

(The Archbishop of Perth, 26.5.73)

Resolution year: 1973
Resolution number: 42/73