Powers of Diocesan Synods

Movers Chittleborough, K.S.

Canon K.S. Chittleborough having given notice of the following motion –

“That whereas the Appellate Tribunal has left uncertainty concerning the powers of diocesan Synods; and
whereas this General Synod has responsibility to give guidance to the Australian Church:

This Synod:
(i) affirm as a ruling principle of this church that under Section of the Constitution, diocesan synods have plenary
power to order their own affairs without inhibition, provided only that such ordering is consistent with sections 1 and 6 of the Constitution;
(ii) determine that where there arises in respect of dioceses any conflict in practice between section 5 and any
subsequent section of the Constitution (for example 71(1), 71(2), 51, 28 etc.) or their interpretation, that the ruling principle of plenary power of dioceses to order their own affairs takes precedence;
(iii) resolve to maintain in our national church, and beyond, the communion of “one Lord, one faith, one baptism”
(Ephesians 4:4-6); and
(iv) request all members of this Church to continue to express their unity given in Christ in every way in which
conscience allows, and to allow to others the freedom they themselves have in Christ.”

That the motion relating to the powers of diocesan synods be referred to the Standing Committee.

(Canon K.S. Chittleborough – 10-7-92)

Resolution year: 1992
Resolution number: 72/92