Prayer for the People of Burma

Movers Rodgers, M.

This Synod:
mindful of the recent unrest in the nation of Myanmar (Burma), and the continuing oppression and difficulties faced by Burmese Christians, and noting lack of basic freedoms, including the right to protest peacefully, and the many injustices suffered by the people of this nation:
a) calls on the members of the Anglican Church of Australia to pray consistently for the peace and security of the people of Burma, for Burmese Christians and especially the members of the Anglican Church under the leadership of Archbishop Samuel San Si Htay; and
b) calls on the political leadership of this nation to continue to express Australia’s concern for the peace and security of the Burmese people to the military leadership of that nation, and to engage through the international community in efforts to progress principles of freedom and democracy for the Burmese people.

After a moment’s silence, the Synod joined in a prayer for the peoples of Burma.

Ms Margaret Rodgers moved, Archbishop Roger Herft seconding, 21 Oct 07

Resolution year: 2007
Resolution number: 35/07