Preservation of historic churches

Movers Stokes, R.T.

That the General Synod, aware that many parochial areas within its member dioceses have Church property of historical significance which should be preserved, recommends to each Diocesan Synod of the Church of England in Australia that it set up a fund which could be titled “Historic Church Property Fund” (Diocese of …).

(a) Capital for the fund should be provided
(i) by an initial Diocesan grant, and/or
(ii) augmented by an annual sum from Diocesan assessment or pledge, and/or
(iii) by receipt of donations and legacies.

(b) The capital should be invested and at least 50% of the income reinvested annually.

(c) Surplus income to be applied for the preservation of historic Church property (say, buildings one hundred
years and over).

Diocesan permission could be given for the name of the fund to be used as sponsor by a parish making an appeal for the purposes covered by the fund under such conditions as were laid down by the diocese concerned.

(Mr R.T. Stokes, 30.8.77)

Resolution year: 1977
Resolution number: 25/77