Procedures for the Consideration of Bills

Movers Tong, R.

That so much of Standing Orders be suspended as would prevent the following procedure being adopted for the duration of this Synod:

After the second reading of a bill for a canon has been moved and seconded, the President shall ask if any member or members with to ask the mover or seconder any question of questions relevant to the subject matter of the bill and any member may thereupon ask any such question which may thereupon be answered by the mover or seconder. Further such questions may be asked and answered until the President having put the question “Whether in the opinion of the Synod sufficient time for questions has been given.” the Synod shall answer in the affirmative, whereupon the debate shall proceed.

(Mr R. Tong, 21-8-89)

Resolution year: 1989
Resolution number: 19/89