Proclamation of the Gospel

Movers Newman, B

Dr Barry Newman moving, The Rev’d Gavin Parsons seconding

The General Synod –
while abhorring oppression, abuse, cruelty, victimisation and all forms of violence and injustice, and while strongly supporting efforts to deal with such violence and injustice, and

while affirming its deep concern for the poor, the homeless, the lonely, the ill and all who suffer, and while strongly supporting efforts to alleviate such suffering, also

asserts its belief that God loved the world, that his righteous judgement will prevail, that he gave his Son, the Christ to suffer and die for our sins, that he raised him from the dead, that he pours out his Holy Spirit upon his people, that his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ will return in majesty and that he calls all to repent and believe in his son, and strongly supports efforts to proclaim this glorious gospel to the world.
6 September 2017

Resolution year: 2017
Resolution number: 44/17