Professional Standards Audit

Movers Blake, G.

Mr Garth Blake SC moved, Bishop Geoff Smith seconded,

That the General Synod:

noting the recommendation of the Professional Standards Commission in its Report to the General Synod that each diocese conduct a regular audit of the implementation of its professional standards and safe ministry policies and procedures;
noting the resolution of the National Bishops’ Meeting held from 30 March to 3 April 2014 to support the participation of their dioceses in a professional standards audit process that aims at continuing quality improvement;
recommends that each diocese implements a professional standards audit process that contains the following elements:
the Bishop informs the General Secretary that he or she requests an audit of the diocese’s professional standards performance against its own policies and procedures which provides recommendations for continuing quality improvement of its practices, policies and procedures noting any recommendations from the General Synod or the Standing Committee;
the General Secretary liaises with the Bishop and the diocese engages an auditor and makes the necessary arrangements for the audit;
the auditor visits the diocese and conducts the audit in conjunction with diocesan staff and officers;
at the conclusion of the audit, the auditor prepares a full Report for the Bishop and Diocesan Council which may include recommendations for further action;
at the invitation of the diocese the auditor may assist with implementing any recommendations and review progress;
the Bishop will send a copy of the Report and any diocesan response to the General Secretary within four months of the completion of the Report.

1 July 2014

Resolution year: 2014
Resolution number: 39/14