Professional Standards & Child Protection

Movers Blake, G.

Procedural Motion
The General Synod suspends the Standing Orders to the extent necessary to:
(a) allow the mover of Child Protections Motion No 1 to speak for no more than 30 minutes in support of the Motion including making an audio visual presentation of no more than 10 minutes;
(b) allow the mover of Child Protection Motion Nos 2,3 and 4 and the mover of the Motion of the Bill for a Strategic Issues, Task Forces and Other Bodies Canon (Amendment) Canon 2004 be approved in principle to speak for no longer than 10 minutes in support of the Motion;
(c) allow Marilyn Redlich [a member of the Child Protection Committee] to speak in support of, and answer questions asked with respect to, any of the Motions referred to in sub-paragraph (a) and (b) above.

Garth Blake – 4 Oct 04

Resolution year: 2004
Resolution number: 32/04