Professional Standards Commission - 2

Movers Blake, G.

The General Synod:

(a) refers to the Professional Standards Commission:
(i) the development of principles to be applied in undertaking risk assessments arising from information obtained from a Safe Ministry Check or equivalent, together with appropriate training for those undertaking such risk assessments;
(ii) in consultation with the Church Law Commission the preparation of a motion to amend Rule III entitled “Rules for the Conduct of Elections Ordered to Be Made by the General Synod” to provide for the disclosure of any Information on the National Register in connection with the elections held at a General Synod for consideration by the next General Synod;
(iii) the preparation of procedures for the disclosure of Information on the National Register in connection with the election and appointment of persons by the Standing Committee for consideration by the Standing Committee;
(iv) the preparation of Faithfulness in Service in Simple English for approval by the Standing Committee;
(v) the development of policies and procedures for identifying, dealing with, and preventing, abusive behaviours of and by clergy and church workers;
(vi) the development of a resource for those with pastoral care responsibilities for survivors and perpetrators of domestic abuse;
(vii) the development of principles for dealing with the restoration to ministry of clergy and church workers who have abused others;
(b) requests the Professional Standards Commission to report to the Fifteenth General Synod as to the progress
of the Church in the development and implementation of safe ministry policies and structures.

Mr Garth Blake moved, Mrs Marilyn Redlich seconding,
23 Oct 07

Resolution year: 2007
Resolution number: 66/07