Movers Challen, M.B.

That this Synod affirms:

i) that social discrimination on racial grounds or racism is sinful since it denies our common humanity in creation
and our belief that all human beings are made in the image of God;

ii) that racism is based on a false assertion, namely, that we find our significance in terms of racial identify rather
than our relationship to God through Jesus Christ; and

iii) that racist attitudes result in discriminatory and unjust laws and practices and the denial of human rights and
freedoms to victims of racism. Therefore,

iv) Synod calls on all Anglicans to examine their own hearts and minds and to seek to eliminate, through God’s
grace, racist attitudes from their own lives; and

v) calls on the Federal and Statement Governments and the whole Australian community to work together to
eliminate racism from Australia, and, in particular, to work to remove all racist attitudes and practices which impinge on the lives of Aboriginal and Islander people.

(Bishop M.B. Challen, 26.8.87)

Resolution year: 1987
Resolution number: 30/87