Reception of Reports

Movers Prescott, A.W.

That this Synod receive the reports referred to below without preventing discussion of specific matters arising out of the said reports under resolutions moved later in this session of General Synod.

1. The Standing Committee of the General Synod of the Church of England in Australia together with the Report
of the Clerical Superannuation Committee.
2. The Missionary and Ecumenical Council (including the reports of the Church Missionary Society, Bush Church
Aid Society and the Australian Council of Churches).
3. The Board of Missions of the Church of England in Australia.
4. The Australian College of Theology.
5. The General Board of Religious Education.
6. Australian Clergy Provident Fund.
7. Church of England Insurance Company of Australia Limited.
8. Long Service Leave Board.
9. The Liturgical Commission.
10. Hymn Book Committee.
11. Committee to Investigate the Primacy.
12. Commission re Ministry of Deaconesses.
13. Theological Education Commission.
14. Armed Services Board.
15. Commission on International Affairs.
16. National Council of Promotion.
17. Church of England in Australia Trust Corporation.
18. National Board of Industrial Mission.
19. Federal Inter-Church Migration Committee.
20. Rubrics Committee.
21. Report of Sydney Diocesan Committee on Abortion.

(The Reverend A.W. Prescott, 16.9.69)

Resolution year: 1969
Resolution number: 03/69