Movers Carter, I.

That this General Synod, believing there is much unfinished business following the closure of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation:
1. Urges the Commonwealth Government to provide adequate funding for the new body, Reconciliation Australia;
2. assures its co-chairs, Shelley Reys and Fred Chaney, of our support of its program to educate all Australians about the need for reconciliation,
3. Endorses the priorities adopted by Reconciliation Australia, namely:
To work to overcome social and economic disadvantage amongst Indigenous Australian people;
to promote public debate on the desirability or otherwise of a treaty or agreement between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians; and
to encourage business corporations and voluntary associations to initiate projects in partnership with Indigenous Australians;
4. Expresses its appreciation for the resources produced each year to help Anglicans observe the Week of Prayer for Reconciliation; and
5. Encourages the national church and its dioceses and parishes to keep the issue of reconciliation on the agenda of this church through:
participation in the annual Week of Prayer for Reconciliation; and
by discussing with local Indigenous communities appropriate acts or symbols to recognise the traditional owners of the land on which the churches are built.

Mr I Carter moved, Mr I Walker seconding
Carried 25/07/01

Resolution year: 2001
Resolution number: 07/01