Movers Rodgers, M.

That this General Synod notes the Report of the Refugee Working Group and:
1. Continues to express its concern for the millions of people in the global community who are refugees or displaced persons, for the pain and suffering they endure;
2. Applauds the work of Anglicans and Anglican agencies throughout the country working to support refugees and asylum-seekers;
3. Notes the ongoing dialogue between the Minister of Immigration and the Primate and former chair of the Working Group in respect of issues relating to refugees and asylum-seekers and notes the discussion document of Appendix A;
4. Notes that many dioceses have nominated the last Sunday in August for the observance of Refugee and Migrant Sunday, and encourage those dioceses which have not done so to consider doing so;
5. Supports the concept of a Complementary Protection Visa as promoted by the NCCA, Amnesty International and the Refugee Council of Australia, and
6. Commends to the dioceses the plan for a diocesan education program on these matters for parishes, agencies and church schools as suggested in Appendix B of the Report.

Margaret Rodgers- 4 Oct 04

Resolution year: 2004
Resolution number: 40/04