Report of Viability and Structures Task Force

Movers Curnow, A.

Bishop Andrew Curnow AM moved, Archdeacon Richard Condie seconded,

That Synod:
Welcomes the Report of the Viability and Structures Task Force.

2. Resolves to:
Refer the Report to the dioceses for their consideration and response to the Standing Committee of General Synod by 31 October 2014,
Commend the Diocesan Financial Advisory Group (DFAG) for their work on the financial well-being of dioceses and request all dioceses to co-operate with DFAG as they continue with that task,
Request the Provincial bodies within the Anglican Church of Australia to each institute an urgent review of the number and boundaries of dioceses in their respective Province including consideration of boundaries across current provincial borders, using as a guide the viability criteria outlined in this Report,
Request the Australian Bishops’ Meeting to develop a protocol for the training of new bishops in the Anglican Church of Australia,
Refers the Report to the Fresh Expressions Australia Task Force, Anglicare Australia, the Anglican School’s Network and other organisations within the Church with a request that they Report to the Standing Committee of General Synod and to the Dioceses as to how they can best assist in responding to the issues raised,
Requests the Ministry Commission of General Synod to examine the issues from the Report related to the provision and training for ordained ministry, and the various current models of non-stipendiary ministry in the Anglican Church of Australia and the development of appropriate standards of selection, training and professional development, and to Report to the Standing Committee of General Synod and to the Dioceses,
Requests the Fresh Expressions Australia Task Force to consider the questions of diocesan vitality and viability together.
3. Requests the Standing Committee of General Synod to:
Establish a Steering Group of seven persons:
to plan and coordinate the dissemination of the Report and the responses of the dioceses
to develop and implement strategies to address the issues raised in the Report.
b) Establish DFAG as a Task Force of General Synod under the Strategic Issues, Commissions, Task Forces and Networks Canon 1998 and establish its Terms of Reference.
c) Establish, through the Australian Registrar’s Network, a programme of ongoing training for Registrars and senior diocesan administration staff.
d) Seek agreement from the dioceses on a comprehensive and holistic way in which General Synod can address the needs of Dioceses seeking help with financial difficulties, risk management, governance concerns professional standards and operational viability.
4. Receives the Report from the Diocesan Financial Advisory Group (DFAG).
5. Refers the matters raised therein for further consideration by the Standing Committee.
6. Synod reaffirms its confidence in the future of the Anglican Church of Australia (Synod resolution 12-01) and calls upon all Diocesan Synods to examine the Matthew 28 text containing the Great Commission, and encourages all Anglican ministries to make disciples of Christ, from peoples of all nations, baptizing them, and teaching them from the Bible to observe all the words of Christ; and consider what cultural and ministry emphasis changes need to occur, within every Diocese, in order to increase each Diocese’ effectiveness in raising up disciple-making disciples of Christ.
7. With respect to the strategies referred to in paragraph 3(a), the following matters be referred to the Standing Committee for consideration and for Report to each diocese as soon as possible:
legislation or other actions which the Standing Committee recommends to implement the strategies developed by the Steering Group;
the convening of a special general synod as soon as practicable for the sole purpose of considering such strategies and any necessary legislation;
whether the special general synod should involve small groups discussions prior to any legislation or other actions be

Resolution year: 2014
Resolution number: 65/14