Movers Denton, J.G.

That the following reports be laid upon the Table and that they be received without preventing further discussion of specific matters arising from them:
(1) The Standing Committee of the General Synod (including audited accounts for 1977/80 inclusive for all entities
of General Synod under Standing Committee control)
(2) The Church of England in Australia Trust Corporation
(3) The Missionary and Ecumenical Council
(a) The Church Missionary Society of Australia
(b) The South American Missionary Society Australian Association
(c) The Bush Church Aid Society of Australia
(d) The Australian Council of Churches
(e) S.P.C.K.A.
(4) The Australian Board of Missions of the General Synod
(5) National Superannuation Committee
(6) Admission of Children to Holy Communion
(7) Australian College of Theology
(8) General Board of Religious Education
(9) Long Service Leave Board
(10) Armed Services Board
(11) Liturgical Commission (including “Additional Services for use with An Australian Prayer Book – Draft”)
(12) International Affairs Commission (including “Moral Dilemmas in Foreign Policy”)
(13) Social Responsibilities Commission
(14) Australian Clergy Provident Fund
(15) Doctrine Commission (including “Towards a Theology of Ordination”)
(16) National Home Mission Fund
(17) Hymn Book Committee
(18) Anglican Consultative Council, ACC 4, Huron 1979
(19) Canon Law Commission (including “Canon Law in Australia”)
(20) Ministry Commission

(Mr J.G. Denton, 24.8.81)

Resolution year: 1981
Resolution number: 08/81