Reports, Accounts and Motions connected therewith

Movers Denton, J.G.

The following Reports were laid upon the table and Mr J.G. Denton moved that they be received without preventing further discussion of specific matters arising from them providing that in the opinion of the President the subject matter lies within the Mandate for this session of Synod:

(1) Audited accounts for the General Synod Statutory and Sp0ecial Funds for the years 1985 and 1986

(2) Report of the Committee re Conscience in relation to the Ordination of Women as Priests

(3) Report of the Commission on Doctrine

(4) Report of the Commission on International Affairs

(5) Report on the Long Service Leave Fund

(6) Report of the Commission on Social Responsibilities

(7) A Report of the Standing Committee of its meeting on 23 August, 1987.

Resolution year: 1987
Resolution number: 12/87