Ridley Melbourne Ministry and Mission College

Movers Freier, P.

That this General Synod gives thanks to God for the ministry of Ridley Melbourne Ministry and Mission College on the occasion of its centenary year in 2010, acknowledging in particular:
Ridley Melbourne’s contribution to our Church in training significant numbers of able leaders for our Gospel work; missionaries and local clergy, laity and bishops, archbishops and bishops in Australia and bishops and archdeacons overseas;
Ridley Melbourne’s continuing ministry of training Gospel workers to serve in Australia and beyond, especially
children’s, youth, university student and cross-cultural workers, including candidates for the CMS, BCA and Church Army, and
clergy and licensed lay ministers to serve all the dioceses of Australia.

Archbishop Philip Freier moved, Bishop Barbara Darling seconding, 23 Sept 10

Resolution year: 2010
Resolution number: 131/10