S. Mark's Collegiate Library

Movers Webb, L.C.

That the synod –

(1) takes notice of and re-affirms the 1955 General Synod’s resolution recognising the special significance of
S. Mark’s Collegiate Library in the work of the Church in the national capital and calling upon all church people to assist the work;

(2) considers that it is now appropriate to define more clearly the part which S. Mark’s Collegiate Library should
play in the life of the Church;

(3) appoints a committee to confer with representatives of the Dioceses of Canberra and Goulburn as to ways
and means by which S. Mark’s Collegiate Library might best serve the Church and to report to the next General Synod.

The committee to consist of:-

The Archbishop of Melbourne,
The Bishop of Gippsland,
Dr F.R. Arnott,
Dr E.F.N. Cash,
Dr S. Barton Babbae,
The Reverend J.O. Rymer,
Dr A. Grenfell Price.

(Professor L.C. Webb, 17/5/62)

Resolution year: 1962
Resolution number: 39/62