Seats in Synod

Movers Norris, B.J.

(i) That Archbishop Leonard Faulkner, Roman Catholic Church, the Reverend David Gill, General Secretary,
National Council of Churches in Australia; the Reverend John Mavor, The President, Uniting Church in Australia; Dr Erich Renner, Lutheran Church of Australia; be welcomed as ecumenical guests and that our guests be granted permission to speak if called upon by the President;

(ii) That the following persons not being members of this General Synod be granted a seat in the Synod during
consideration of resolutions or legislation in relation to the organisations which they represent, and be granted permission to speak if called upon by the President.

The persons concerned are:

Mr Alan Hall, Secretary of the Long Service Leave Board and the Australian Clergy Provident Fund,
Bishop Brian Kyme, National Director of the Anglican Board of Mission – Australia,
Miss Vandra Harris, a delegate of the International Anglican Youth Network Conference of 1997 and representing the Youth Commission,
The Reverend Trevor Smith, Director of the General Board of Religious Education,
The Reverend Dr Mark Harding, Dean of the Australian College of Theology,
The Reverend Howard Dillon, Member of the Defence Force Board.

(Mr B.J. Norris – 14-2-98)

Resolution year: 1998
Resolution number: 07/98