Stolen Generations

Movers Langham, D.

This Synod notes that NATSIAC celebrates the positive response to Indigenous people by the wider community in many events since the General Synod in 1998 and:
Reaffirms Resolution 27 of 1998 which included the apology from the Anglican Church of Australia to the Stolen Generations and a commitment to implement the “Bringing Them Home Report” recommendations.
Shares the profound disappointment expressed by NATSIAC at the continuing denial of the Stolen Generations by the Federal Government and its failure to apologise or to implement fully the recommendations of the “Bringing Them Home Report”.
Asserts that appropriate response to the Stolen Generations is a national responsibility and the Federal Government must accept and take the lead.
Calls upon the Federal Government to secure access to records to facilitate re-connection as recommended in the “Bringing Them Home Report”.
Requests all dioceses and parishes to pray and work for the healing of the national and in order to facilitate re-connections to collaborate with the Federal Government and Indigenous people to make all archives and other records accessible.
Commits the Anglican Church of Australia to support the establishment by the Council of Australian Governments of a national fund as recommended by the Bringing Them Home Report as part of the healing process and urges all Australians to contribute to it.

The Revd D Langham moved, Bishop A Malcom seconding
Carried 26/07/01

Resolution year: 2001
Resolution number: 09/01