Task Force on Mission

Movers Edwards, T.

Bishop Trevor Edwards moved, Mrs Sue Williams seconded,

That this General Synod,

(a) directs the Standing Committee of General Synod to reappoint the Task Force on Mission to continue its
work as a catalyst for missional culture change in this Church

(b) recommends, specifically, that this Task Force be asked to pursue the following objectives:

(i) continue to provide oversight to advance the training of ordained and lay pioneers, especially through
ongoing training with mission shaped church and other such training programmes;
(ii) explore more effective means for promoting the development of fresh expressions of church and
culturally relevant Anglican Church planting;
(iii) consider matters relating to innovation and the extension of parish ministry and mission, while
continuing to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the Connect2Church initiative in helping Anglican congregations to be more welcoming and invitational in outlook;
(iv) develop communication strategies and share resources to foster mutual learning between dioceses
in order to enhance the health and growth of churches; and
(v) create and foster a mutually supportive network of practitioners.

1 July 2014

Resolution year: 2014
Resolution number: 37/14