The Anglican Communion Covenant

Movers Thompson, M.

That this General Synod:

(a) thanks the Covenant Design Group for their faithfulness and responsiveness in producing the Anglican
Communion Covenant;

(b) recognizes that an Anglican Communion Covenant seeks to provide a means to strengthen and promote
our common life as a Communion;

(c) affirms the value of the relationships we share with the other member churches of the Anglican

(d) renews our commitment to maintain and strengthen those relationships to further the mission we share;

and further this General Synod

e) receives the final text of the Anglican Communion Covenant as an expression of aspirations for the life of the Anglican Communion;
f) commends it for further study, dialogue and deliberation in the Dioceses;
g) requests the Synods of all dioceses to consider the question of the Anglican Church of Australia adopting the Covenant by resolution and report to the Standing Committee by December 2012;
h) requests the Standing Committee to produce a report for consideration at the Sixteenth Session of General Synod.

20 Sept 10

Resolution year: 2010
Resolution number: 72/10