The Australian Hymn Book

Movers Chynoweth, N.J.

(a) That this Synod, having received the report of the Hymn Book Committee, notes the plans for the publication
of the Australian Hymn Book in September in fulfilment of the Hymn Book Committee’s mandate and commends the Australian Hymn Book to parishes seeking a new hymn book; and further

(b) that this Synod, noting the recommendation of the Committee, concurs with the proposal that the Australian
Hymn Book Committee be continued with reduced membership in order

(i) to assist in promoting the Hymn Book,
ii) to help with the liaison between the churches and the publisher,
(iii) to assess the need for any supplementary publications in connection with the Hymn Book
(iv) to consider if and when a revision of the Hymn Book may be necessary; and

(c) that Canon L.F. Bartlett and Archdeacon O.D. Dowling be appointed by this Synod as the Anglican
representatives on the Australian Hymn Book Committee and that regular reports should be made by them to the Standing Committee, it being understood that no expenses are to be charged to the Synod for this work; and

(d) That this Synod notes with approval that the Hymn Book Company is considering the possible of establishing
a fund into which royalties would be paid to facilitate any further action as may be determined by the direction of the Hymn Book Company acting with due authority.

(Bishop N.J. Chynoweth, 29.8.77)

Resolution year: 1977
Resolution number: 21/77