The Council of the Church of East Asia

Movers Rodgers, M.A.

That this General Synod:

(i) affirms support for the Christian Conference of Asia and the Council of the Church of East Asia;

(ii) affirms our sense of close relationship with the churches and the peoples of the Asia Pacific region;

(iii) affirms that the racist views and attitudes recently aroused in Australian society are contrary to
Christian teaching;

(iv) notes the statement in the Federal Government’s White Paper on Foreign Policy which says that “the
Asia-Pacific is the region of highest foreign and trade policy priority for the Government”; and

(v) encourages The Anglican Church of Australia to explore fully the implications of this national policy
for its life, ministry and relationships.

[Deaconess M.A. Rodgers – 20-2-98]

Resolution year: 1998
Resolution number: 65/98